Today I delete my two posts because I thought they were not important, but in the evening I change my mind and decide to restore them back. That was easy for me because I regularly back up my SQL database and for safety keep it on three different locations. So I just copy my old posts from my previous backup and published them again.
Data is valuable, so we keep a backup but what about our relationships?
Fortunately you don’t need to take backup of our relationships, they are automatically stored in our brain. There you will find your good and bad memories with your friends.
Conflict is natural process in any relationship  but it is wrong to break up over small and pity things. It is a big mistake to take decisions from negative frame of mind when something goes wrong. Sometimes negative influences around us affect our own intimate relationships. For example if a divorce happen in a friend circle then it creates a chain reaction and other people also start seeing their partner through this new perspective which is a negative frame and obviously there is conflict. This is a mechanical process. If you are not alert then you become a victim. It works just like a virus.
If this kind of thing happens and you find yourself in negative state of mind then simply access your good memories with your partner or friend. Go back to the past, find a moment when both of you were happy together and look at things from THAT reference, your last moments which were working well. It is easy because your brain is automatically recording each moment. Perhaps you have spend hundreds of happy moments together, go back to those memories and live them again in your imagination. And look at the present from that perspective.
Never take any decision from negative memory even if it is a fact. Whenever you are in conflict with your friend or beloved then don’t act from negative mindset. Remember all those moment when you were in HARMONY and there was TRUST. Make a commitment with your friends to ‘access good memories’ and ‘act from that point of reference’ if anything goes wrong in the future.
Mistakes happens. Hundreds of time you will make mistakes, so there is no point in totally break up the relations. It’s my advice that  you should never break up any relationship which is working since more than three years. When someone makes a mistake, remember that he is a human being just like you.
You can make millions of mistakes  but if you know ‘how to come back to good memories and start again from that point’ then there is no problem.
Many of you may know how to restore your backups, Windows Operating System also have a restore point. If something goes wrong you can just go back to your last setting which worked well. In the same way you must know how to restore your relationships to the ‘best past moment which was working well for both of you’.
Whenever things go wrong, learn to remember your happy moments, access that memory. Make this commitment with yourself and your friends, today. Always remember to make a restore point when things are going well. Suppose you are enjoying a good party with your friends then make a commitment to yourself to come back to this moment if something wrong in the future. Make this a rule to regularly make a restore point so that you can always access the latest joyful and happy memory.

Love is coding, you need to debug and backup like a good programmer – MG



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