Things I learned From 2019

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Things I learned From 2019

Situation doesn't always get better, but your character should always be better.

Some people say your life should always be better. Today must be better than yesterday, and tomorrow it must be better than today. What an ideal life. Unfortunately, that's not the real life is. In life, sometimes it's up, sometimes it's down. There is no guarantee that life is easy and no one can tell you surely that your life will always get better. There's a time when things go worse. There's a time when you fall down. Sometimes the situations are just not how it used to be anymore. Sometimes things just don't go the way you plan. Whatever it is, remember that you are not your situation. You don't have to depend everything on the situation. Things can go worse, but you should always be better. If you can't get better achievement, at least you can have better character. I believe that when things get worse, that's the time we can build our characters better if we have the right attitude. That's when we find the true strength inside us.

The situation doesn't always get better, but you must always get better, because you are not your situation.

Sometimes You Need To Slow Down.

I also learned that being too enthusiastic is not always a good idea. It's true that time is money, you should use it well. But life is not a race. You don't always have to run fast all the time. It's not about who can reach the finish line first. Take time to slow down and enjoy what's around you. Many people don't realize they forget to be thankful for what they have just because they're too busy for something they want to achieve. Sometimes when you focus too much on your goal and where you're going, you forget to enjoy where you are, and that will never end unless you decide to take time for slowing down. You know what people say, life is a climb, but the view is great. Don't get too busy for climbing, you'll be exhausted. Enjoy the view. You will feel grateful for the journey.

There's a time when you just need to slow down and enjoy the things around you. It's not always about who's the fastest.

Everything Has Its Season. Move To The Next Chapter When The Time Comes.

This is also one important lesson I learned the hard way in 2019. One more chapter of life ended. One thing ends, another thing begins. I'm not a big fan of change, so I don't really like it. But I know that everything has its season. You just can't be in the same chapter anymore. If you're stuck in the same chapter, you can't grow, because that's not where you're meant to be anymore. One of the most frustrating things in life is when it's time to move forward but we don't want to move at all because we're too afraid to let go of the old things. Change happens. It may not be exactly the same like before, but every season has its beauty. But of course it takes the first step. You can only feel it if you're willing to take the journey. Welcome change. It's okay.

Life always has different chapters. You just can't be in the same chapter forever. You'll get stuck.

You Don't Always Have To Earn. Sometimes You Just Need To Learn.

Many times we think that life is about living to the fullest, and that's by being great. People think that being great means you have to be the best of you and achieve the best possible. That's great, but then I realized that life is not always about achievement. It's also about experience. In achievement, you only earn. In experience, you learn. You need both. It's okay to lose sometimes. You don't have to earn all the time. What you can earn from your success is something good, but what you can learn from your failures can be more interesting for you. Don't be afraid to try and make failures, because the lessons you learn from those failures can be the greatest treasure and investment in your life.

Life is not only about what you achieve and earn, but also about what you experience and learn.

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