Warning Signs You Are in Bad Company

• They make time for you – but only when it’s convenient for them talk

Not responding to your demands means not respecting you. If someone continually keeps ignoring your texts, or responds to you only when it works for them, they are not respecting your personal boundaries – they do not have any fear of losing you either. Truth being said, they do not care about you enough and the more chances you give them, the lesser they start respecting your needs. Steer clear of them even if it feels difficult at first.

• They always bring up the past and hold it against you

Some people can’t stand the fact that you have grown or evolved as a person. These are the same people who will not let you grow. If someone is making you feel guilty for what you have done in the past or if they make you feel like any less of a person for your past, then they are not doing you anything good. Your mind and emotions will go through havoc because of them and it is best to keep them away from yourself – to save your future!

• You feel trapped with them

Does someone constantly make you feel trapped? Listen to your gut feelings, it tells you what you are feeling deep down. A healthy relationship will make you grow and become a better person. If there is a very restricted environment, the relationship cannot thrive. So if someone has kept tabs on your social media, or constantly questions why you were “last seen at” on WhatsApp after you two chatted, then you have a very genuine problem. You cannot make it very far with someone who restricts you from doing everything. That being said, our loved ones look out for us! But you will know when it is a loving concern and when it is a restriction without any reason. If someone does this, open the trap and walk out.

• They doubt your abilities and have no faith in your dreams

If someone thinks you are crazy for having that dream, they will not be the one to nurture it. Relationships require for us to believe in each other, because this is the place that we return to at the end of the day, to get support and love. If this space has not been created by your loved one, then this relationship is based on very shaky foundation. Not to mention the effect they have on you – eventually you stop believing in yourself because they stopped believing in you. Don’t let that happen!

• They lie to you often 

You do not want that kind of uncertainty around someone – not knowing if they are lying or telling the truth. Even if you don’t really doubt them very much though they have lied to you often, it is really disrespecting an act. When you give a chronic liar more chances to lie to you, you both are actually doing the same thing – disrespecting you. Love does not lie and such loopholes in trust can take bigger shapes in future.

• Their negative attitude rubs off on you

If you find yourself nodding to someone’s negative comment just to bond with them – then you are in bad company for sure. You should not degrade how you feel just for the sake of a relationship. Someone who is negative might not behave negatively with you, but with everyone they talk with. Give yourself a break and get away – good things happen when you distance yourself from the negative people!

• They are dead jealous of you

A little bit of jealousy is okay, if it is harmless. But a high degree of jealousy might not be the best thing for your relationship. It tells you that this person, who is jealous, does not have a healthy level of self esteem and they might also harm you in some way. It is good to protect yourself from these people.

• They don’t accept you completely

There is a thin line between accepting you as you are, and accepting some parts of you so that they can change the other parts which they do not like so much. Do not fall into such traps of anyone. Be with people who love hanging out with you, the ones who like you for who you are. If you feel like there is none like that out there, trust us, there are! You just have to find them. But first, get rid of the one who is trying to change you. Enough time is wasted being someone else.

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