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Do you know what's a real problem with this world? It's not from outside. It's from inside. A problem is not a problem until the inside of you makes it a problem. Some things like stress, worry, and anxiety. It's all from the inside. It comes from your feeling!

Do you ever feel like everything is not gonna be okay although nothing bad happens? Are you ever so afraid that bad things are gonna happen when everything is just okay? Or, sometimes there's only a very small problem but you take it as a big problem and it makes you stressed? If your answer is yes, sometimes I feel that way, too. However, after I think again about it, actually it's just a feeling. Your feeling makes everything a problem. It is something inside you that always tries to affect your emotion, and in the end, it makes you feel stressed or worry.
The truth is, feeling is something inside you that always tries to let you bother every single thing in your life, so everything looks complicated.
Don't you think it's very funny when your feeling always "plays" you? You can be happy, then sad, then suddenly happy again, and then suddenly sad again. It's natural. Everyone has feelings. But, you should not rely on it. Your feeling is not your boss. Don't let everything depend on it because it's not always right.
The thing is, feelings are soft. It's fragile. If you keep saying yes to your feeling, it's very easy to bring you down. It's true that feeling can make people happy too. Happiness is also a feeling. But, everyone has problems. The feeling is more likely to lead people to bad thoughts than the good ones. When there's nothing bad really happens, your feeling will try to tell you "What if tomorrow something bad happens?" And when there's only a small problem, your feeling will tell you "It's not small. You should not take it easy. It's gonna be worse if you don't do this or do that." I can say that your feeling always tries to "bully" you.
Sometimes everything is just okay, but your feeling makes it dramatic, then you become worry.
So, one thing you can do is stop letting your feeling make your life a mess. Start to relax in thinking and making decision. Use the right attitude to lead your act. It's not your circumstance or things around you that you should control. It's the inside of you because a problem is not a problem until the inside of you takes it as a problem.
Don't let your feeling tell you that it's not okay when everything is just okay. Learn to control your feeling and not be controlled by it. It's you who should control your feeling, not your feeling who controls you.

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