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"Let's inspire each other!" That's what I always tell myself, and that's what I encourage people around me to do. I believe this world can be a better place if we can inspire each other.

Most people think the only people who can inspire others are people who are perfect or at least well-experienced. They think it's a job for motivators and leaders. No. Everyone can be an inspiration. That's one thing I believe for sure.

No one is perfect. Some people are good at one thing, but not in another thing. In fact, there's no one who can be good at everything. That's why you can share what you have to others who don't, and in return, let others do the same for you.
When we inspire each other, life is much more interesting. You might think like "I'm an imperfect person. I don't have anything good to share with others. How can I inspire people?"
You don't need to be a motivator or a leader to inspire others. Let's inspire each other.
To be honest, I personally think that professional people like motivators are too mainstream. It doesn't mean they're fake or not good. I still love to learn from them, but people like them are more likely to give advice and motivation about what we should do, yet we can't directly see what they've experienced in their lives. In the end, it's not really that inspiring because we may think it's easy for them, but not for us. It will be more inspiring to see it from what we see every day, from people around us.
Well, just for sharing, I had a friend who lost her mom. She was very close to her mom. She was still young, and her mom was even younger than my mom. It must be very hard for her to face this, but I saw she tried to be strong, and she still smiled although her life was very challenging at that time. For me, that's much more inspiring than a motivator who uses the most beautiful words to tell you what to do.
One of my followers on Facebook once wrote to me, "Can I have your brain? You're really good at managing your life. Your life must be full of happiness." Maybe not. Ok, I'm grateful and happy with my life, but it's not always the case. I'm a person who is very easy to worry about. I worry too much actually. Once a problem comes into my life, it can drive me crazy. This is my imperfection. But, I learn from this. I reflect on my life. I reflect on my problems. That's why it turns into some quotes you read on my Facebook Page. If you read them, those quotes aren't about things I've already done well in my life. They're what I learned and what I reflected from what happened in my life. If I don't think too much, maybe I won't learn. And if I don't learn, I can't make some quotes and share what I've learned to people. So, I can say this is the way I inspire people. With my imperfection.
Last, I believe that God can use our weaknesses for something really good, and I believe that our weaknesses are actually the biggest thing we have to inspire others. It's hard for people to get inspired by perfect people, but it's very easy to get inspired by imperfect people who can still be strong, never give up, and live their lives through problems that keep coming. And the best thing is, you can be one of them.
So, be an inspiration. Let's inspire each other. Make this world a better place! :)

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