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While there are many interesting angles to being married or being committed to someone you cannot negate the benefits of being single. While many people may just want to be a part of a conventional process of being with someone, you don’t have to be like everyone else. Guess what? You can still be incredibly happy while you are single. Go figure. Some people may not understand your position. They don’t understand why being single rocks. Here are 15 reminders of why you are still single. We don’t have the limitations of commitment. We are free to pursue our dreams or goals… and mingle. We do not let go of our identity easily. We would rather find freedom in who we are. We are not ready to settle for less Being single means you are not ready to compromise quality for demand. You simply want to be the person you want to be and get the best of what you deserve. According to a study, when you get married you suddenly are stuck to providing your partner all your attention. So much so that you may lose your association with other friends. When you are single, you bond better with your friends. We have less money worries Every relationship comes with an investment. I mean, you have to financially invest in a relationship. Understandably, you are not having a dual income, but consider all that money you spend on anniversary getaways, dinner dates, buying gifts, and more. Money is always pivotal to the success of any relationship and sometimes the cause of worries between couples. However, as a single person you don’t worry about that. We are more sociable People are attracted to single people and want to socialize with them more. We can invest in ourselves and careers We have the time and energy to focus on our careers rather than getting distracted by marital responsibilities. We sleep better According to research, when you sleep alone you get more sleep, which results in improved cognitive skills and memory. We are not accountable to anyone but ourselves Our finances and whereabouts do not have to be monitored by someone else. We are only accountable to ourselves. We are physically fit Getting married tends to push you to become less conscious about your physique. People who are single are physically fit and are more conscious about their physical appearance. We have no emotional dramas Every relationship comes with a level of compromise. To keep your relationship intact you have to ignore your wishes sometimes and fulfill your partner’s own. We have the time to think about what we want out of life You are not distorted or unclear when you are single. When you are single, you have enough time to think about those things you really want and make smart decisions out of them. You have a better sex life Being in a relationship doesn’t always assure you intimacy. According to statistics, single people actually have a better time in the bedroom – even when intimacy happens about half as frequently. You are less likely to drink when you are solo than when you are married. According to a study, married women consumed more drinks than long-term divorced or recently widowed women. We can play the field You don’t have any reason to feel guilty on a night out, or when you are trying to get yourself a new date. You can explore new and interesting relationships whenever you feel like it. We have more time to do us All that time talking and texting on the phone with a spouse can be used to accomplish other important pursuits instead, like investing that time on yourself.

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