Love Is Understanding And Accepting

 It's the good things in someone that makes you love the person, but it's how you learn to understand and accept the bad things in that person that makes your love survive.

The first time you love someone, all you see is the good things in the person. Perhaps, that's just the reason why you love that person. The one you love seems perfect and flawless. Even when you notice the flaws, you're just too in love to bother.
As you walk together with the person, you start to know more about the real version of that person. The more you spend time with the person, the more you know about the person. Not only the good things, but also the bad things. You know better.
The thing is, knowing better doesn't mean you understand better. Love is easy when everything you see is good. Unfortunately, when you decide to take the journey of love, it's impossible to see the good things only. The bad things are also there. Sooner or later, you meet them too. Will you just give up because that person is apparently not like your expectation at the first time you decide to love? If every couple give up, there's no couple will survive in the end.

 Just knowing the person is not enough. You need to understand. 
Maybe that's one of the biggest challenges of love. You find out the person you love is not the one you wish the person to be. Many things about the person do not match your expectation. The key is not only to know, but also to understand. Understanding means accepting. Learn to accept the person just the way the person is. There's a time when you need to understand the person more instead of demanding the person to understand you more.
It happens in every relationship, but how it ends is up to you. The challenges can be really difficult, but don't quit. As long as you two are willing to be open and learn to understand each other, in the end, the relationship gets stronger and the bond gets tighter. After all, it's the only way to make love survive: to understand and accept each other beyond all the flaws and imperfections.

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